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This WSC Squad Mentorship program is for DGA directors in the Women's Steering Committee.


A “mid-level director” is defined as someone who is:

(a) is a DGA member;  

(b) has worked in a professional capacity in the film/television industry for at least five years and,

(c) has directed something in the last two years that has been publicly released (ie on television/streaming, in a theater and/or in a festival competition). 


A mid-level career director may apply to the Squad with the following materials:

  • A short reel or clip link of your selected work (no longer than 10 minutes)  

  • Your bio and/or resume (in a single pdf file)

  • A letter of interest that includes: why you are interested in this program, what you hope  to get out of it, who you are as a person and as a director, what area/s of directing you are interested in (TV, features, docs, commercials, etc.), what sort of mentor you hope for, and anything else about yourself you think is relevant to your work as a director 

  • A completed online application.

Application opens: June 10, 2024
Application Deadline: July 12, 2024  (must submit by 11:59P PST)


Email questions to: 

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