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Annette Haywood-Carter on “Foxfire,” Filmmaking, and Being a Queer Woman in Hollywood

Mar 3, 2023

SQUAD CLASS OF 2020 FEATURE: For the last two years, women have won the Oscar for Best Director. But has the industry changed as much as they’d like us to believe? (Zero women nominated this year doesn’t inspire confidence.) And what does it even mean for the industry to truly change?

For us to look forward, we have to look back. And that’s why I’m so proud to share this interview with writer/director Annette Haywood-Carter. If you’re like me, you know Annette as the director of the 1996 film Foxfire, number 43 on our list of the Best Lesbian Movies of All Time. Adapted from the novel by Joyce Carol Oates, Foxfire is a singular vision of righteous rebellion and queer girl coming-of-age. Despite starring a young Angelina Jolie in a star-making performance, the film was granted little support upon its release and Annette was granted little support in her career.

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