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America Young

America Young is currently working in Film, TV, Animation and Video Games, as a Director and stunt coordinator. 

Her first feature, “The Concessionaires Must Die!!,” executive produced by Stan Lee,  is now available on VOD platforms.  She directed the Vertical Slice for Resident Evil: Village that was recently released to record setting numbers.  And is currently directing another AAA title game.

Her second feature, the magical surrealistic “Back to Lyla” will be released 2022.  Since completion of the Warner Bros directing program in 2019, she has directed 9 episodes of Television including a pilot, Surfside Girls, for Apple TV. 

When America’s not kicking the crap out of Super-Heroes that support the Superhuman Registration Act, jumping off buildings, teaching actors how to fight or setting herself on fire, she enjoys telling stories, sipping herbal tea and sharpening her pair of Sai.

America Young
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